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Mobile modular dock

Now, as a novelty, we rent a multi-purpose, portable and customizable element pier. We can transport the pier to the surrounding areas along the waterway and otherwise we will arrange the transport according to the agreement.


The pier is built of 0.5m x 0.5m elements. One square meter has a load capacity of up to 350kg, thus 10 m2 carries about 3500kg. The pontoons lock to each other from the lugs and interlock. One pin secures the four modules together. If desired, the shape of the pier can be changed differently with little effort.


Equipment includes e.g. handrail elements, boat moorings and 3klp watercraft parks.



- Water jet park

- Boat dock

- Ferry / Terrace

- Advertising ferry (eg car can be driven to the ferry)


Rental by agreement. Ask more!



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