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Airbus A320 flightsimulator

We will soon open a new Airbus A320 aircraft simulator. The simulator has now been built for about five years and is a 1:1 built-in replica of a real airplane cockpit. A large number of the cockpit parts are from a real aircraft. Landscapes are created with three 4K resolution video projectors, creating 220 degree views.

We can offer a simulator experience from the youngest in the family to the elderly ones.

Airbus A320 in a nutshell:

- First flight 22.2.1987

- The world's most common passenger aircraft, manufactured 9738       units (situation 28.2.2021)

- Seating 150-180

- First fly-by-wire cockpit

- Finnair's most used aircraft type, a total of 37 A32x series aircraft

- Motors 2pcs CFM56-5B

- Length 37.6m

- Wingspan 34.1m

- Height 11.8m

- Fuel capacity 24210 - 27200l

- Dry weight 42.6 tn

- Cruise speed 840km/h

- Maximum cruising altitude 11900m

You cannot get closer to fly real passenger aircraft than this!

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