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We want to offer big services from quite small place:

- Basic places (6A fuse) and Lakeside places (16A fuse)

- Tent places

- Free WIFI all over the area

- Summer restaurant

- Toilets and showers

- Washing machine and a tumbly dryer

- Trash cans

- Vending machine, where you can buy little snacks etc.

- Saunas (public sauna at summer time and custom sauna all year round)

- Sandy beach

- Harbour for boats

- A swimming pier

- Hot tub (heating fee separately)

- Two barbecue/fire places

- Fresh water

- Chemical toilet disposal

- Sewer for emptying the waste water tank (summer time)

- Little kitchenette (with microwave, induction stove and a dishwashing           place)

- Swimming place for dogs

- Children's playground

- Rowing boat-, SUPboard-, Cayak- and jet ski rental

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