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Kirstula Loader Service

We perform various machine work in Hämeenlinna and the surrounding areas with our new Avant 860i loader. The machine is compact in size, so it can be easily access even in small yards. We come to the surrounding areas by driving and for far away places we have a truck that we use to transport Avant and the equipment conveniently.

Among other things, you can order from us:

- Winter maintenance (plowing, sanding etc.)

- Lawn mowing and -trimming

- Stump Grinding

- Shrub pruning

- Rehabilitation of roads and yard areas and dust binding

- Ground transfers and applications

- Small excavations

- etc.


- Tipper 180cm universal bucket

- Multi-purpose bucket 100cm

- Land reclamation (yard and road rehabilitation and weed removal)

- Truck forks

- Hydraulically swiveling dozer blade 250cm

- Centrifugal spreader (sanding, salting, fertilizing and sowing)

- Collecting lawn mower 150cm

- Stump Grinder

- Mini excavator (small excavation works up to a depth of 150cm)

- Hedge trimmer (shrub pruning)

- Liquid tank 1000l (irrigation and dust binding)

Avant 860i in a nutshell:

- Maximum lifting capacity 1900kg

- Lifting height 3.5 m

- Breaking force 2200kg

- Engine power 57hp (Stage V)

- Net weight approx. 3000kg

- Hydraulic output 80l / min

Ask for a quote!

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