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Our camping area is located in a wonderful location on the shore of Lake Vanajavesi, in Hämeenlinna. Due to our central location, we are very easy to reach. From the Helsinki-Tampere highway, just 1.5 km from the Tiiriö exit towards Hattula and turn right. There is only about 200m. of gravel road trip to the area. From us it is really easy to navigate to, for example, Tiiriö shopping center (2km), Hämeenlinna center (4km), or for example, Aulanko (4km). 

We are a family-oriented, child- and pet-friendly area. Considering our small size, we strive to offer the most comprehensive services possible. In addition to normal camping area services, you can find an atmospheric beach restaurant, summer equipment rental, a cozy children's playground, etc. 

You can  make a reservation with us and pay via our online store in advance or during the opening hours of the beach restaurant from there as well.

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